Saturday, April 18, 2009



Some of you might remember me from my first trip to Tribeca Film Festival back in April 2007 as a Film Fellow.

Through TFI’s Tribeca Film Fellows program, now in its fifth year, 20 young people exchange ideas, explore the possibilities of cinema and develop their voices through film. During the Festival, budding filmmakers are granted a unique all-access look at the Festival and the film industry through a series of screenings, panels, workshops, creative filmmaking exercises and special events. The Film Fellows program also creates a short group film that depicts all five boroughs of New York City through the eyes of its young filmmakers.

At the end of the 2 weeks visit, Tribeca and Rwanda, hosted a special screening and talkback for our work Three Voices: Focus on Rwanda, Empowering Rwanda's Youth through Filmmaking.

I had such a great experience back in 2007 but now I am back at Tribeca working as an intern with the youth.

This brings me to the name of my blog / RWANDACT2. Well, ACT1 was our first trip and I am excited about this opportunity to be back but also to share with you all, my experiences in the next few weeks I will spend here in New York. I will be posting some of my experiences here, run a video diary but most of all; I look forward to your comments and exchange.

Talk to you and see you soon!

Pierre Kayitana

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  1. Hi P,
    I have always known and told you that you are destined for great things, am sure you are absorbing everything around you like a sponge. Tell us more about African Cinema and how it is received in the US esp at Tribeca. And also what in your opinion is the way forward for African Films.

  2. i'm verry pleased to see a rwandan making something which is sounding all over the world. let the world know rwanda not only for genocide but for even other things. keep confident

  3. I am so proud of my people, my colleague and all filmmakers in Rwanda. I will always encourage you for your courage, innovation, creativity and achievement. I hope the world is seeing how how you are changing not only,the way people use to to look at Rwanda but, also the ways you are writing the the Rwandan history on Film making. Good job guys...

  4. keep going man, am sure this initiatives will go far

  5. Anet, Thank you for your comments, Regarding your question , Tribeca Film Institute is working on how to get the African Films out of obscurity,, should you need to learn more about it. Let us hope for the best! Pierre

  6. It's a pleasure for us to have Pierre representing Rwandan Youth in Tribecal in different activities.
    This is an opportunity for us.Pierre,seriously,you are doing a great job for your Nation,we are proud of you.
    Let's all of us word hard to don't loose this big opportunities and all the best for Kayitana.
    May God bless you.

  7. Am proud of you Piere coz u r making us feel proud too. Its unbelievable tht at yo young age u can actually make the world go round through all the activities you have done.

    Through tht people have actually changed there minds frm how they thought Rwanda was in 1994 during the Genocide.
    Good Job for the country