Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Presenting the ACTORS

As I continue my journey through this RWANDACT2, I would like to introduce you to the no particular order:

*Brian NewmanPresident & CEO
*Eileen Newman Deputy Director, Tribeca Film Institute
*Beth Janson Director, Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund
*Tamir MuhammadDirector, Tribeca All Access
*Lisa Lucas Director, Youth Programs
*Martina Klich Film Fellows Coordinator
*Mallory Jacobs Youth Programs Assistant
*Payal Sethi Manager, TFI Sloan Filmmaker Fund
*Michael Ackerman TFI Sloan Filmmaker Fund Program Assistant
*Jessica Bardsley Tribeca Film Fellows Program Assistant
*Derek Gabryszak Print & Website Publication Manage
*Leah Giblin Artist Programs Associate
*Alison Greenberg Executive Assistant to CEO of TFI
*Jamila Maitland Program Assistant, Tribeca All Access
*Loren PosenTribeca Teachers Program Assistant
*Alisa Powers Assistant to David Earls
*Jeanne Puglisi Industry, Juror, & VIP Coordinator, Tribeca All Access
*Karen Rich VIP Passholder Manager
*Anita Serwacki Reframe Project Manager
*Daniel Su Technology Director
*Nicole Watson Tribeca Teaches Program Coordinator
So now you are wondering what is my role in this BIG PLAY
I work as Intern/Guest from Rwanda Film Festival at the Tribeca Film Institute with offices located 73 Spring Street, New York
I work in the Youth Section of the Tribeca Film Institute.
We organize the youth screenings of the festival as well as the programming.

*Our City My Story
*Tribeca Teachers
*Other events for the community like the Bronx

Well, I have been doing quite a lot

*Attending the meetings Runs of Shows
*Meeting for all access and youth sections
*Taking pictures of events.
*Filming the filmmakers workshops
*Assisting the film fellows during their visits.
*Helping out in organizing the events on venues
and more....

But above all, I feel welcomed here by everyone.
You thought the credits were done rolling?
I did not mention the EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS on this RWANDACT2 - who happened to also be the co-founders of Tribeca Film Festial!

*Ms.Jane Rosenthal
*Mr. Craig Hatkoff
*Mr. Robert DeNiro

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  1. What a team!!!!!! you gonna have a lot from all those guys, take benefit, good luck.